Walking along the Barra beach

During our tour around the best Spanish naturist beaches the Barra Beach, located at the end of the Morrazo peninsula, stars in.

The Barra beach is located within the Ría de Vigo, under the Donón village, in the shade of the Cabo Home and with an unforgettable view to Illas Cies. This beach is considered to be the most famous one among the naturist beaches in Galicia, which access for the highway is difficult, offering limited spaces to freely park your car, with poor signaling and almost no public services such as showers, lifesaving, etc. Nevertheless, its beauty darkens everything that has been previously said and enables the trip to be meritorious.

The beach has clear waters, fine white sands and it is surrounded by an indigenous pine forest and dunes. Its shores are bathed by the coldness of waters from the Atlantic Ocean; on having been next to the entrance of Ría de Vigo, its temperature is not as moderated as the one regarding the beaches from the interior. But this turns out to be something good since the quality of its waters seems to be cleaner than the rest of the beaches. If you want to rent a car to get to the beach fast, click the link.

It is a familiar beach, since it is enough to come and meet many naked persons having fun in a relaxing atmosphere where the view invites the visitor to stay. Nevertheless, if we look for a calmer area, it is worthwhile walking a little more just to a wilder area of the beach where people tend not to go.

Among its attractions, the refreshment stalls placed along the beach stand out and we will be able to refresh ourselves with a delightful ice cream in the hottest evenings.

For those more anxious visitors and the ones who do not like the calmness, there is an opportunity of taking a walk along the beach, to anchor sheltered by winds and swells in a slightly deep beach, where it is common to see to some sailing ships that try to take a picture by using Illas Cies as background.

And that’s not all for fun since, just to the south of the Barra beach, and separated by a stony hillock, there is the Viñó beach that in spite of not being a nudist one, in practice turns out to be a copy of Barra, where in spite of not having the same dimensions both share all those features that enable these beaches to be a paradise on earth.