In order to improve the education level in the outlying islands, narrow the gap between urban and rural areas, and further cultivate high-quality talents in my country’s information industry, the Ministry of Education officially established the first national technical vocational college in Penghu on August 1, 1987. The Department of Information Engineering recruits students of two-year college of technology. At the time of its establishment, Prof. Gong Rongyuan, the dean of academic affairs, convened and prepared for it. The first director of the department, Prof. Ma Yongchang, served for one year, and was succeeded by Prof. Hu Wuzhi. After four years of hard work, on August 1, 1991, it was restructured into the Department of Information Engineering, recruiting students from the four-year college of technology, and Prof. Hu Wuzhi served as the first department head.

The curriculum development of the Department focuses on two major directions: “Internet of Things Technology and Its Application” and “Digital Content and Its Application”, and takes “Insular Information Technology and Its Application” as the development feature of the department, and conducts cross-disciplinary teaching and research.